Arielle Ford is an author and self-help expert who believes that finding true love is possible for everyone, no matter your age or place in life.

Arielle Ford champions the Law of Attraction, which maintains that the Universe will deliver to you someone who shares your specific set of beliefs, and is therefore your ideal companion. According to Arielle, your soul mate is already out there, pre-ordained by the forces of nature, and is searching for you; but being united with that person is not as easy as just sitting back and waiting for a cosmic gift.

You must have faith that your “one” exists and that the two of you will be united when the Universe is ready to bring you together; you must exercise that faith by preparing yourself for finding true love.


Ford acknowledges that it is impossible to know when and how your soul mate will arrive, so she encourages people to ready themselves for that arrival. She believes that by living as if you already know your soul mate you can become a “magnet for love,” aiding you in attracting your perfect mate.


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