Saying “I do” has always been about your heart, but one of the benefits of marriage just might be keeping your heart ticking longer.

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Getting married can be the representation of so many wonderful things. It means that you found the right person to commit to, your soulmate. It also means that you have embarked on the journey of the rest of your life with your favorite person, someone who wants to grow with you and grow old with you.


But have you ever considered the fact that the benefits of marriage include better health?

That’s right. According to recent research, entering into matrimony can be healthful. Couples that experience the security and safety of marriage are more likely to live longer, be healthier and happier in mind and body and recover from illness more efficiently. On the other hand, couples who are in committed relationships and are not married do not reap the same rewards.

The reason for this is not definitively known, but many think that it is the security of marriage that bolsters health. In a world where less people think of marriage as a necessary part of life, perhaps we should give it more consideration. It might be good for us.

Arielle Ford tells us more about the benefits of marriage here.


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