Sure, it’s fun. And yes, it feels amazing, but really… did you ever wonder why kissing is so important?

From the moment you meet someone who you fancy as a potential lover, the first kiss is on your mind. As the moments pass and your affinity for each other grows and becomes more apparent, you cannot wait to see how the first kiss is going to make you feel. You anticipate it. You imagine how blissful it will be; and when it finally happens, it is either everything you hoped for and more or the first sign that you are not compatible. It can carry that much weight.


So that makes us wonder, why kissing is so important.

Kissing is certainly a sensual art, but it is science that maintains that this physical expression is a legitimate factor in finding and keeping the proper mate.

When two people kiss, they communicate their level of health and libido. Therefore, some people believe kissing developed as a way for potential companions to assess each other. Sex drive is activated when saliva, which contains testosterone, is exchanged. The body becomes more aroused the longer kissing goes on, which leads to a more pleasurable sexual encounter; so the significance of being an excellent kisser cannot be downplayed. Sharpening your skills can make it easier to find the right partner and keep him or her satisfied.

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